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Buy with Buyback

Buy with Buyback: after you have completed your trip or stay, we will - for your convenience - simply buy the vehicle back from you.

We offer compact cars, stationwagons, minivans, conversion vans, campers and motorhomes for sale and rent. Our largest vehicle selection is in New York / New Jersey. Vehicles are carefully serviced by qualified mechanics. We offer a full warranty of either 500 miles or 30 days and a limited warranty hereafter on vehicles with buyback guarantee. Miles are unlimited! All vehicles undergo a very detailed check-up and are fully serviced before they are handed over to the customer. We guarantee new brakes as well and 20,000 miles on the tires.

Required Documents
Proof of US residential address and a US drivers license.

We would be happy to submit you a personal quote.

Compact cars are one of the categories you can purchase under the Buy with Buyback system.
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