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Frequently Asked Questions

Is an AAA (American Automobile Association) membership recommended?
Yes, please visit the website www.aaa.com. You can sign up over the Internet (you have to provide a US address) or you can arrange that via Adventures on Wheels. Sign up fee is US$18.00 plus yearly membership US$105.00, payable by credit card.

Is it necessary to make reservations for campgrounds?
It might be a good idea if you are traveling during high season, especially during the summer months and tourist areas (e.g. near theme parks, national parks and major attractions).

How do we get camping equipment?
If you are traveling in a motorhome or camper, you can rent a so-called 'convenience kit'. It contains bedding (linen, cover, pillow), bath and hand towels, face cloth, glass and coral tableware (plates, cups, cutlery) for a minimum of 4 people, pots, frying pan, can opener, salad sieve, cork screw, plastic bowl, dust pan and broom. Rental cost per person is US$65.00. Special rates for families of 4 and up.

Can I get additional camping equipment?
Yes, we also offer child seats, camping chairs, toasters, TVs and table grills.

Is there accommodation and/or shopping centers close to the rental stations?
Our local staff will be happy to provide you with detailed information.

How do I get to the Adventures on Wheels offices?
We have a free and convenient shuttle service between our locations and airports (New York/New Jersey: Newark airport only). Our New York/New Jersey office can also easily be reached by train from Manhattan. Please call for an exact schedule.

What documents are necessary to travel within the United States?
Adventures on Wheels requires a valid national driver's license, your passport and a valid credit card (Visa or Mastercard). An international driver's license is recommended, but not required.

How much is the gas consumption of the vehicles?
Compact Car and Stationwagon: approx. 15-18 miles/gallon
Minivans, Conversion vans: approx. 14 miles/gallon
Campervans: approx. 10-15 miles/gallon
Motorhomes: approx. 10 miles/gallon

What states does the insurance cover?
All U.S. states including Alaska and Canada.

Can I travel to Mexico?
If you purchase a car at AOW, you can easily get insurance at the border of Mexico. If you have a rental/lease vehicle, you will need a special authorization from Adventures on Wheels prior to crossing the border.

What happens if the vehicle breaks down?
You should call Adventures on Wheels immediately (toll free number) and we will assist and advise you over the phone.

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